We provide case-laws and statutes based legal research to our clients. Our team has access to a variety of industry-standard databases, both online and offline. We complete the research projects efficiently, comprehensively and on time. We strive to become the first choice for critical research needs of Corporate, Associates and in-house counsel. Our services include:

  • Analyzing central (federal), state, and administrative case-laws, concerning topics such as employment law, taxation, bankruptcy, intellectual property, business torts, civil procedure, contracts, real estate, corporate governance, insurance, telecommunication, ethics etc.
  • Opinion, Advise and execution of federally regulated matters, such as Stamp Laws, Securities Regulation, Employment, Competition, Copyright, other IP matters, Taxation, Legal Metrology Act and Economic Laws.
  • Training on Foreign laws applicable to Indian subsidiary and to Indian holding Companies via their overseas arm, such as FCPA, Anti-Bribery Laws etc. having extra-territorial jurisdiction.